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You may have eaten at the famous and usual food joints like Karim’s, Al Jawahar and Paranthewali Gali in Old Delhi. However you will find some of the offbeat food joint in narrow alleys which only foodies can find. These unique food spots in Old Delhi serve delicious food that will make you come back for more.

Babu Bhai Kebab Wale

These delicious melt in the mouth kebabs are grilled right in front of you. Being spicy and tender at the same time, it takes one bite to feel the magic. The meat is so tender and soft that they use a thread to bind the mince, henc also known as Dora Kebab. Located near Jama Masjid this hidden gem doesn’t have any seating, so you pick up the plate of kebabs, relish it standing and then head out.

Tofeq Biryani

Although it has been around for a long time in Old Delhi, only true foodies will find themselves here. Serving heaps chicken biryani that is kept in huge steel containers, this long-time favorite stuff sells like hot cakes; Many a times you might even have to wait in a queue. The secret is that they make their own biryani masala using a recipe handed down from generations to generations. It’s also known as Dil Pasand Biryani Point.

Cool Point

This place serves the best shahi tukda in Old Delhi. Located on the Jama Masjis Road, Cool Point is an ice cream joint this deep fried bread – shahi tukda that’s a bestseller. This Shahi Tukda is served with mango and vanilla ice cream. After frying the bread in desi ghee, they dip it in cream and sugar syrup and layer it with dry fruits.

Aslam Chicken Corner

Probably the best place that serves the best butter chicken. Nobody does as much justice to this dish as this famous joint. You will not find the typical version of this classic North Indian dish here. The chicken is marinated in a spicy mix, dipped in a bowl with butter and thin curd and then grilled to perfect tenderness. By the time it is served, the butter has made its way through every layer of chicken. Enjoy the dish, but be wary as it’s got loads of butter- but it is worth it.

Haji Mohd. Hussain Fried Chicken

This place in Old Delhi has been frying chicken and fish for more than 40 years now, and has only two types of item on its menu. Munch into the crunchy chicken powdered with special masala to find it better than any other fried chicken you’ve may have had before. The trick to making it really crisp is that they keep the chicken half fried and then just before serving it, dip it in hot oil again and give it one more stir.

Shereen Bhawan

Did you ever try Aloe Vera halwa or Pheeki Jalebi? These self indulged sweets have been part of this sweet shop for generations in Old Delhi. How these are made?, the secret has not been revealed as yet. During winters they sell items like safed gajar halwa and hapshi halwa while pheeki jalebi is only sold during Ramzan.

Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfi

Did you ever bite into a fruit only to realize it has kulfi in it? This remarkable shop in Old Delhi has mastered this art. Kulfi’s heare are available in apple, pomegranate, orange and mango flavors depending on the season, it is cut into pieces and dressed with chaat masala. This century-old shop also serves varieties like aam panna, jamun, imli and kala khatta. Really something very traditional.

Haji Shabrati Nihari Wale

It’s no secret that some of India’s best-kept culinary secrets are hidden in Old Delhi. This place has just serves a single dish- a staple breakfast from the time of the Mughals – Nihari. Haji Shabrati Nihari Wale has been following an age-old recipe and dishing out delicious plates of the most tender, flavoursome Nihari since 1957. The meat is cooked slowly and is extremely soft. Served with khameeri roti, it just melts in the mouth.

Credit : Pallavi Pasricha, travel and food blogger

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